Friday, March 18, 2016

Thinking, Doing and Creating

It’s 2:00 in the morning and I’m up pondering the idea/ concept of creativity.

 I like thinking in the early morning. Not too many folks on this side of the pond are up using the universal wifi, so I’m free to think and ponder ideas like creativity.

Later in the day, when life and stuff and the stuff of others crowd my mind, luxuries like thinking about thinking are long forgotten.

I decide to exercise and listen to book. In another book, Spark, I read that exercising in the early morning gives the brain an extra boost for learning throughout the day.

Years ago, while recovering from a rather frightening head injury, I found it almost impossible to do the thing I loved so much. I could not read. So at the suggestion of a friend, I began to listen to books on tape.

After two years of struggling, I was able to read again. As with anything we take for granted, I went back to my love for reading and forgot all about those audible books and how they had gotten me through.

That’s when I read Spark and learned that the early exercise was marvelous, so I decided to combine it with my love for reading.

Because it’s really hard to hold a book while doing tricep kick-backs, I went back to the books on tape.

That brings me to Creativity. I was exercising, listening to Ron Chernow’s brilliant Pulitzer Prize winner, Alexander Hamilton when I heard my own key. 

Hamilton, a truly American creation, was a man of both thinking and doing.

That’s it folks, If you want to create something new, like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hip-hop musical based on Chernow’s  Alexander Hamilton, you have to get up early; you have to think and then do.

Nothing is truly created. Everything that is, already was. 

Creativity then, is about pulling those things together in a completely new way.

Be you, be a thinker, be a doer.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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