Thursday, March 24, 2016

Seeing Your Way Clear

My mother always had a way of saying one thing and meaning so much more.

One of her favorite sayings was “Seeing your way clear.”

If we needed a new pair of shoes or a notebook for school, she’d say, “I’ll get it, as soon as I can see my way clear.”

At first, I thought this meant that she had to wait until pay day, but pay day would come and go and still no notebook.

I decided that it must have meant that she had to pay all of the bills, but still, when that was completed there was no new note book.

When I’d least expect it and always right on time, the way had been made clear and those shoes, a gym suit or notebook would appear.

It has taken me many years to see that seeing the way clear is about the ability to see beyond life’s obstacles clear to the point of your desire.

To do so, you must remove your judgement about yourself, your past, your ability or fear of lack.

You must think clearly and critically.

And you must believe.

You must believe in God and yourself and you must believe that all things are possible to those who can see their way as clear.

Be you, be well, be clear.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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