Monday, February 22, 2016

Feeling Joy at HOME
Is Your House A Home?

For years folks have been searching for chupacabras, the Loch Ness Monster and Life-Work Balance. 

There have been sightings of the chupacabra and Nessie; still no life balance.

Even the Life-Work folks have taken balance out of their name; they like the idea of integration.

After years of talking and listening to the struggles of hundreds of thousands of working folks, I’ve come to see that a great deal of the struggle on the job is caused by the stuff that happens before we even get there.

More women are staying up all night with the homework of a second grader than they ever did in my mother’s day.

Today’s working women are re-thinking that whole “having it all,” thing but I believe we need to think about having support.

We have become both Ozzie and Harriett; paying the bills and making the meals, and I’m not even talking about single mothers.

The idea of sharing the load has taken on a new meaning and people are not only working to work, they are working to get a break from the place they call home.

Research in subjective well-being points out that people who have a good support system at home are much happier than those who do not.

So I’m asking the simple question; is your house a home?

Do you feel loved, supported and wanted when you drive up to your house and even more when you cross the threshold?

Is there a feeling of joy that comes over you when you stand in the center of your hard work and diligence?

Is your home a reflection of you or does it represent what someone else said that you should have?

Are you totally comfortable in your own space or does it belong to someone else?

If your own house is not a home, it’s no wonder that your job feels like work.

Today and every day that follows, find ways to get the support, love, encouragement that you need from the environment that you call home. Everyone will be glad that you did.

Be you, be well, be at home with yourself.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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