Monday, August 12, 2013

The Art of Living Week 32: What You Won't Do

This was last year...time to get back
What You Won’t Do

A few weeks ago while I sat waiting for a flight, a guy sat near me and began to, as the young folks say, “chat me up.” –Maybe it’s the British who say that, anyway, he wanted to know if I was married and why I wasn’t. He wanted to know what I look for in a man and what I like to do.

My flight was delayed, so I decided to help him with the book he was writing.

I told him that I liked to fish but I hadn’t done it in a long time. I’m pretty sure I had that far off look as I spoke about the peace of fishing, but when my mind came back to my seat at the airport gate, I noticed that the guy was frowning.

“I hate to fish,” he said. “It’s so boring.” He said that he’d gone fishing when he was a kid and could not stand it. The guy was a long way from being a kid, but I was not writing the book he was.

He went on to tell me all about his friend who loved to fish and how his friend could fish all day.

I laughed and he asked why and so I told him. “I think you should introduce me to your friend.”

My flight came and I thanked him for the lesson. He asked me which lesson that was, and I told him that I had learned to no longer lead with a dislike.

This week and every week that follows, check yourself to see how often you lead with what you won’t do.

Are you really representing who you are by divulging what you don’t know or like?

When you write the book about your own life, will it include what you did do or what you did not?

I got on the plane, fell asleep and dreamt about fishing.

Be you, be well be reminded.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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