Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sunday Surprise

 Getting What You Need by Giving Up What you Don't

On Saturday, I woke up tired, but there were chores to be done and work to complete. I took the dogs out and exercised, made a protein shake and got showered and dressed.
I talked myself into my car and out to do my errands. After a few hours of remembering this and not forgetting that, I was headed back home. As I did, I spotted two women looking through clothing at my neighbor’s garage sale. One was an older woman who reminded me of my mother.
Though tired, I decided to invite them to my home to get some of the things my mother did not take with her as she crossed over to the other side.

The women gave me the once over and then followed me down the road to my house. My daughter served beverages as I bagged up much more than I had expected. They thanked me profusely and told me that they would be praying for me.

There is no greater prize than an elder who thinks and prays for you.

Now I believe that synchronicity is the language of God. Sometimes, the message is so loud that you have to stop and just smile.

Those who know me think of me as a spiritual person. I am. I strive to live the beliefs I’m constantly working out and every day I seek to be better.

Those who know me really well know that I have not been a member of any church for many years. The reasons for not going have far outweighed any reason to go. So I quietly study on my own and gather with others who seek to live their beliefs.

I have a wonderful friend named Celia who, along with many, many others has often invited me to her church. She speaks passionately about the congregation that was left after a division of beliefs; her's being the one that decided on loving, accepting and promoting without prejudice.

So because Celia is so brilliant and wonderful and because she cares about literacy and education, I decided to take her up on her offer to visit Christ Church Episcopal.

I’m going to just jump right to it, because I really can’t explain it myself.; in the quiet beauty and brilliance of this service, I felt right at home. The sermon was all about knowing what you truly treasure and on using your possessions to make the world a better place.
After church we gathered for tea and cookies and I chatted with brilliant, talented folks who gave me the energy I needed.

So I’ll ask you what the rector asked of the congregation: What do you truly value? How can you use what you have to make the world better? What do you possess and don’t use that someone else needs right now?

On Saturday, I gave away something that I did not need; on Sunday, I got back something that I did.

Be you, be well, be balanced.

Bertice Berry, PhD.




  1. What am on time message. Thank you. I must give away something's I don't use to bless someone else so my energy can be clearer and lighter. Making room for blessing to follow freely. Right now they can't cause there is to much clutter of things I don't use. Dr. Berry, get out of my head... Something just ain't right. :-)
    Love and light.

  2. Ms. Berry, i was recently introduced to your blog pages and read with keen interest the 8/13/13 "Sunday Surprise". it echoed so much of where i am spiritually verses religiously (i have not been a member or active in any church for many years now). the part that really caught me and has me thinking is knowing what is truly important to me, what my beliefs are and striving to live them and make myself better. unfortunately i have not been able to identify a church or spiritual organization, such as the one mentioned in the blog, where i can freely express myself and learn from others experiences as well as my own. your blogs have been very inspirational and yet i feel the need for more as there is always room for more.i was also thrilled and very excited to see you are a georgia resident (i'm in augusta), so if you are aware of a group similar to the church there that may be closer to me i'd greatly appreciate the info; or if you are aware of a ladies group similar in structure i'd appreciate that info too.

    as my subject suggests this is also a heart felt thank you for opening up yourself to others and speaking words that go directly to my core

    Melvenia B Blanchard
    Augusta, GA

    1. Thanks so much Melvina,
      I have asked some folks here if they can tell me of a place (I sound like an old Gospel song) and I will write back as soon as I hear something. In the meantime, keep doing what you do and share what you learn. Read to an elder, teach a child a game that does not require a computer and hug someone who needs it.

    2. thanks for the reply, bertice....old gospel songs are truly the best of the best. thanks, too, for your help with my requested info. on another note: a couple of friends an i are putting together a fairly diversed "traveling book club" (we are in florida, north carolina and georgia)and are hoping to have at up to 10 members. we have savannah on our tentative itinerary and would welcome some input from you, if you are so inclined