Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Be More You

Be More You

I’m currently working on two books, one is a novel about a new form of vampires; they suck the confidence of others. The other is a book about being and living authentically.

As I write I am forced to examine myself even more closely than I normally do.

Am I being me?

Am I living and loving fully?

Do I surround myself with those who refuel my energy or those who suck the life from me?

As you go through this day, ask yourself who you are and how you can be more you.

Go boldly into this day with joy and laughter. Learn new things and share what you know.

Have faith that the work you do will be successful and that those you love will love you back.

Seek truth and work for justice. Breathe and remember that as long as you are true to who you are and your desire to be better, the Universe will conspire to embrace you.

Be well, be defined, be accomplished.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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