Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Recipe for Strength

Stand Strong
Recipe for Strength

Everyone I know is either going through something, been through something or is lending support and energy to someone who is.

So here is a recipe for strength. I should tell you though, I’m one of those old school cooks who measures in dashes and pinches and leaves the accurate amounts to you and what you need at the time.

Love and Support—you can’t go through life without the love and support of others. When I am low, my loved ones  (including the furry and feathered kind,) give me the laughter, joy and energy I need.

Wellness--- wellness is a defensive measure against trouble because trouble brings stress and stress goes for the weakest cells in your body. Be well now and when life happens; you will endure.

Laughter—if you can’t laugh, you won’t be able to, “see your way clear.” Laughter is a gift to those who do the real work, because if you are not there for the set-up; you won’t get the punch line.

Prayers of the Elders—Elders are like meteorologist; they are watching the weather when everyone else is at the beach. Keep them close to your life and heart. Visit them in the hospital and take them out for rides. Your small acts of kindness become huge windows into the wisdom of life.

Memories of the ancestors—Say the names of those who have gone on and remember them always. I have found that when I am troubled, their memories, lessons and words come to me when I need them most.

The smile of a child—if you don’t see small children on a daily basis, you are missing a part of heaven on earth.

An understanding of the fact that everything is connected and works together—even when things seem impossible, remember that all things are connected and work together.  

God/Love/Creation/The Cosmos—depending on what part of the understanding of life you come from grab a hold of what you believe and hang in there.

Be you, be well, be strong.

Bertice Berry, PhD.




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