Monday, January 27, 2014

The Art of Living Better; When Life Exceeds Your Dreams

Are You Disappointed Because Your Life Exceeded Your Dreams?

            Last week, I received a wonderful package. Inside, was a gift I hadn’t expected and a lesson I didn’t know I needed.

My sister Annette Lee had sent a present to my daughter and me. Annette always takes special care in wrapping her presents so even the act of opening them gives you a great deal of joy.

Annette had heard her husband, my brother, Jerry say that I loved to reuse the pretty boxes they always send presents in, so she’d sent a few of them as well.

What gave my daughter the greatest delight were the two boxes that said “chocolate truffles” on the outside. Annette had even attached a note; “Mmmmmm, good.”

Fatima was even happier when I gave her my box of chocolates and told her she could have mine too.

When she opened them though, the boxes did not hold chocolates; instead Annette had sent us both two beautiful pairs of earrings.

“These are not truffles;” my 21 year old said pouting. “It’s just really nice earrings.”

Her tone was full of dismay and disappointment. I laughed and squealed with delight at the joke Annette had shared. I did not want chocolate, but I always love a good pair of earrings.

At first, Fatima was upset; she had set herself up for truffles and was somewhat disappointed by her beautiful present.

Then she put on a pair and found a mirror. She smiled at herself and has been wearing the earrings each day since then.

As with most new events in my life, I began to wonder about the meaning of this joyous trick.

How often do we get something that was better than we expected, but feel like we were duped, let down or somehow short changed?

Did you get a better love, life, job, home or family and then realize that “better” requires better maintenance and care?

Did you decide that this life was too good to be true; too much to handle and not what you really wanted?

Before you open your box of chocolates and find that you have struck gold, be prepared to be happy, because God, love and life can go beyond your wildest dreams.

Be you, be well, be expecting better

Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for speaking at our annual managers meeting in Orlando! You really inspired me with your passion!

  2. Very inspiring speech given at the Murphy Usa national manager's meeting in Orlando Florida

  3. Dr Berry, thank you so much for spending time with us at our Murphy USA National Manager's Meeting this year. In all of my years attending I've never seen so many moved to tears or heartfelt laughter. You were more than inspiring, you were a blessing. I hope to see you again one day.

  4. To hear you speak at our national managers meeting was by far the best gift i hadn't expected! It brought tears to my eyes but faith and inspiration to my heart and soul! Thank you so much for the wonderful gift i didnt expect!

  5. To hear you speak at our national managers meeting was the great gift i never expected! It brought tears to my eyes but hope and inspiration to my heart and soul. Thank you for the wonderful gift i didnt expect

  6. Thank you for the speech at our managers meeting You made us cry and laugh and inspired us all

  7. Dr.Berry you are truly an inspiration to the world, I really want to thank you for dedication and your time at our National managers meeting at Murphy USA...You have truly inspired me to carry on and find purpose, hope to see you again next year!

  8. Dr.Berry y are truly an inspiration to the world, I would like to thank you for your time and dedication to allow God to use you at our National Managers meeting with Murphy USA in Orlando, you're speech has thought me to find purpose in my everyday living...Good Bless hope to see you next year!