Monday, January 13, 2014

The Art of Being Better: Inspiration

Be Inspired to Inspire

A few years ago, I wrote the book A Year to Wellnesss and Other Weight Loss Secrets
Originally, I wanted to call the book, They Hate Fat People. I had come to see that the 30 billion dollar a year weight loss industry was more interested in keeping us on the weight-loss-weight-gain treadmill than they were in helping us to get well.
I was mad and I wanted everyone to know.
Then I came to see that anger is not nearly as motivating as inspiration, so I changed the title.

We all need inspiration, but we also need to give it. When you inspire others, it will always come back to you.
Last week, as I spent yet another day of post-foot surgery recovery, I yearned to walk to the mailbox, or around my neighborhood. I looked at the pedometer I had tossed on my desk.

Prior to the surgery, I’d worn it every day counting steps I actually enjoyed measuring. Before the surgery I’d park my car far away from whatever building I was going to so I could add as many steps as possible, but now, post-surgery I wait around with a swarm of other anxious folks looking for that close parking space.
Last week, I wanted to rush the process and get out of this boot as soon as possible, but then I remembered that healing takes time. I recalled writing that the body is designed to heal itself, we just have to help it do so.

Life is a wonderful thing; it gives us what we need when we give what’s needed to someone else. As that pedometer stared at me, I opened my email to change my own thoughts. I came upon one that was the magic I needed:

  I saw Dr. Berry about 2 years ago in College Station Texas at a conference I was attending (it was the Southwest Association of College and University Housing Officers conference). I was just beginning my weight loss journey and was still quite overweight, and I felt as I sat in Dr. Berry’s keynote address that she was speaking just to me.
If Dr. Berry ever wonders if she makes an impact with audiences, I wanted her to know that YES! I quickly bought her book and read it cover to cover. It gave me hope and a renewed sense of calmness. I am happy to say that I have lost 145 pounds over these last 2 years, and I frequently re-read chapters to center myself. I am well! (And yes, it took about 2 years for me, definitely not a quick process, but oh, so worth it).
I am really grateful that she accepted the offer to speak to us because I benefitted from her wisdom. If she wants to reach me, I would love to share my before/after pics as well as my gratitude.
Dana Grant

I wrote back to Dana and told her that she was the inspiration I needed. I thanked her for her inspiration and she inspired me again.
Ok, here is my “before” and “after” pic.  Like you, I was a happy person, full of life and loved by my family.  After, however, I am comfortable in my own skin, am healthy, and even more confident (oh, and air travel is no longer a huge burden).  I thank you for everything (your encouragement and especially chapters 8 and 9 of your book)!
You can see for yourself that Dana has done the work to be even better.
I may have inspired her, but she has inspired so many others.
Inspiration is like start-up capital; we all need it when we are doing something big, something new, something wonderful.
Be someone’s inspiration and you will always have the inspiration you need.

Be you, be well, be inspired.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. Thank you so much Dana!! Congratulations on not giving up and most importantly for showing how much Dr. Berry helped you. Many people don't quite understand how triumphant she is as a speaker, but this is just one of the many journeys that I am happy to witness. Again, thank you!