Monday, December 2, 2013

The Art of Living: More Than Enough

More Than Enough

Yesterday, I met a woman who reminded me of the things and folks we often forget.

Nick, one of the Sunday Family members, decided to bring his 84 year old grandmother, Mrs. Ruth Divine. Grandma Devine moved at the speed of light and told stories that lit my heart.

She came in baring gifts; hats and potholders she’d crocheted herself. My kids and I knew a good thing when we saw it, so we began to fight over who would wear which hat. When I realized that I had turned into a 10 year old, I turned back to Mrs. Devine and hugged her in gratitude.

What I got back was a connection to a life that had seen more things than most people will ever be open to.

Mrs. Devine had raised and “took in” at least 14 children. She had buried two husbands to two wars and had also lost some of her own children. Still, she was joyous and reminded me that the loves that have left are still with us and we will see them again.

My son softly played his guitar in the background and I could see my mother and daughter smiling from the other side.

“You need to play and sing,” Mrs., Devine said laughing, and I could hear my ancestors laughing too.  
We ate the meal my daughter prepared and no one wanted to leave. We were full of the love around and in us and I was struck wise with the notion that when we come together, we have and are enough.

I’m going to make a special request and I hope for your sake that you take me up on it.

This holiday season invite love into your home. Spend less time running around for things you don’t need and spend that time with the folks you do.

Gather with people of different backgrounds; race and age. Talk to the folks you know and yet don’t really and when you do you will discover that you have and are enough.

As I gathered with all of these wonderful folks, I was not old or young; fat or thin. I was not ugly or beautiful, nor was I lacking. I was and am enough.

Come together in love and you will have everything you need.

Be you, be well, be enough.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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