Friday, November 29, 2013

The real Black Berry on Black Friday
What Will It Take For You To Love Yourself?

A few years back I lost a tremendous amount of weight. I did it deliberately with great intention. People are often amazed by the fact that I could lose 150 pounds; I’m more amazed that I had it to lose.

When you understand how you got somewhere, it’s easy to figure out how to get back.

After a great deal of research into what the weight loss industry just doesn’t want us to know, I came to see that for me weight gain was a result of stress gain. Because I am genetically predisposed to being fat; stress takes me there.

If you are predisposed to being thin, then when you are stressed, you will lose weight.

The most amazing thing I discovered during that time of weight loss was how little I wanted to shop. I truly needed to. Each week, the clothes I bought the week before became so big that I would look like and old rapper.

Still, I took them in or wrapped myself in a belt and kept on losing.

The less stressed I got, the more I liked myself. The more I liked myself, the less likely I was to want anything more.

Stay with me, because I’m really going somewhere. I need you to understand that there is no conspiracy to make us buy stuff. There is no hidden agenda to make you fat. There is no secret plan to make you unhealthy.

It’s all right out in the open.

The unhealthier you are, the more likely you are to feel that you are not enough.

Being fat didn’t make me not like myself; not liking myself made me fat.

If you don’t see yourself as wonderful, beautiful and powerful as you are, then you will never be satisfied and you will long for joy outside of you and your own control.

Today, instead of standing in a line, waiting to buy things I don’t need, I’m going to stay at home and love the person I have already become.

I’m wearing a pair of earrings I bought years ago. They sit in a tray waiting for the right occasion. That occasion is right now.

On this special day, decide to be:

Less stressed and more loved.
Less angry and more understanding.
Less of a hoarder and more of a giver.
Less of what someone else wants you to be and more you.

You are beautiful, powerful and wonderful; just as you are.

Be you, be well, be wonderful

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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