Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting Old? There's An App For That

The Older Jazzier Me
Getting Old? There’s An App For That

Tomorrow is my birthday; 11/12/13.

There’ something rather wonderful about making it this far. When I was in the fourth grade, I calculated how old I would be if I made it all the way to the year that would give me these wonderful numbers. When I realized that I would have to be 53, I thought about how ancient I would be.

When you’re a kid, 53 really does seem ancient and so far off that you think it's impossible. Well, I’m almost there and yet somehow, I’m not as ancient as I imagined.

I had planned on taking a wonderful trip and then an old foot injury that had not healed landed me in a boot, unable to take the hiking journey I had hoped to take.

Old injuries must heal, or the slightest thing will open the  wound. This is true for both the body and the soul.

So where was I; oh yeah; getting older, they say that the first thing to go is…

Last night as I gathered with the motley crew known as “The Family,” we laughed about love and life and anything that could make us laugh. I blew out the candle on a red velvet cake my daughter made and said something about being old. That’s when Robin the 29 year old 6 foot something engineer/MBA/motorcycle enthusiast/ my new nephew decided to show me how old I could be.
Using the Old Booth App that all the other young folks knew about Robin showed me how I could look.

We laughed some more and once again I could see down the road to even older.

There’s something about getting older that makes me want to jump for joy. I still hold the memories of that kid in the fourth grade. She was lonely and sad and wondered if she’d ever make it in life.

She did, she does and she will.

Getting older is the gift; enjoy it.

Be you, be well, be older and wiser.

Bertice Berry, PhD.
11/12/not so old

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