Monday, November 25, 2013

Joy, Unspeakable Joy

How To Get More of What you Say You Want

Research and my mother have found that the things that give the most joy tend to be simple and peaceful. Too often though, they go unnoticed and therefore unappreciated.

Last week when I looked more closely I could see that I finally had what I'd been looking for:

A movie that taught me something

 An “I love you” from an almost adult child

Dinner with a “family” of beautiful people

A doctor’s good report for my brother/friend

The sound of my son playing his guitar

 The sight of my daughter making homemade cranberry sauce for 200 homeless folks

 Watching my dogs play

A sermon that turned my old thoughts upside down

A call of appreciation for the work that I have done

Letting go of an old pain

The embrace of a new friend

I didn’t buy, seek, or need anything more. I was filled with joy.

Start making your list of the joy and peace that you have right now. Look at the list and say thank-you, for what you give attention to expands.

Leave trouble alone and grab a handful of joy and peace.

Be you, be well, be peace.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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