Monday, December 16, 2013

The Art of Living: Why Not Start With Love?

Start With Love

As you are preparing your hearts and minds for the holiday season, I’d like you to consider love.

I know, I know, Christ is the reason for the season and you are putting him back into Christmas and all. So while you are decorating your Christ tree and shopping for Jesus’s presents, I’d seriously like you to consider love.

Last night as The Family ate dinner, the subject of love came up. Some thought that you should grow into love, while others said that you can fall into it quickly.

My nephew Robin pulled up a quote from a friend that read, “You only die once; you live every day.”

We pondered the thought and then my other nephew Nick asked, “What are we doing with our everyday? Are we loving enough?”

We thought about someone’s grandmother and decided to simply call her. It was the love she needed to get through the night. My niece talked about her recent break-up and so we assured her that she was beautiful and wonderful, then we told her that we loved her.

One of my nieces (I know I have a lot---I'm so loved) had an online class to go to and so we gave her the love she needed to endure something that she didn’t want to do and continued in love.

“Why wait to fall into love,” someone asked, “Why not start there?”

I love (get it) this radical approach to a life that get to do every day. What if I decided to love my new doctor, before my foot has healed? What if I loved my neighbors and coworkers as Christ (you know the dude that Christmas was named after) told us to.

We start with skepticism, jealousy and fear, but love is none of those things. We walk around demanding that someone earn our respect and admiration even when they have not done anything for us to deny it.
We live a life of “prove to me that you are worthy”, when Jesus said you already are.

Why not start with love?
When I love someone, I am less judgmental.

When I love someone; I am much more forgiving.

When I love someone; I am much more kind.

When I love someone; I am less likely to hate my own self.

Start with love and you will start your new life right.

Be you, be well, be loving

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. I smile when I read your love...and your awareness of what mmatters!