Monday, January 7, 2013

The Art of Living--Week 1 Waking Up

Taste and see that life is good

Waking Up

I went to bed in anticipation of getting up to write this new blog. Writing every day for one year has given me discipline I didn’t even know I lacked. It also gave me a fresh perspective on life; one that recognizes that I had been walking around looking at every moment as if it had already gone by, or as if I had already seen it before.
Now, I approach life as if everything is a new possibility, a new opportunity for growth, awareness and love; for what else is there.
I hope you will join me once and week to learn and then continue to practice throughout the week.
Here we go.
We have been sleepwalking through our own lives. The sad part is, we don’t know and can’t remember the dream. So when it comes to really living, waking up to life is the first step.
I am often reminded of the character Neo in the movie the Matrix when he asks why his eyes hurt. “Because you’ve never really used them,” he’s told.
Today, as you drive to work or walk around a room I’d like you to look for something that you’ve never seen before. Find something that has been there, but you have not noticed.
Marvel and be amazed that the place you’ve passed a hundred times is suddenly new.
There is a passage of scripture that says God’s mercies are new every morning. I live on the marsh; it is never the same. Each day, colors change, marsh grass grows, matures and falls giving way to new marsh grass.
Birds, I’ve never seen appear and visit our feeders or fly over our home in a new path. I am and will always be amazed.
When you fail to be amazed by life, nature, children---you become boring to your own self.
When I hear people say, “I am not impressed.” I quietly laugh to myself as I think of my mother’s line; “People who need to be impressed haven’t done anything impressive.”
Be moved by life and all that it offers. “LOOK WITH YOUR SPECIAL EYES.” See that life is good.
Wake up to the world around you:
·         Turn off the TV—shut it down at least 2 hours before going to bed. I know you go to bed with TV, the internet and solitaire---I love the spider version. Use your mind as a means of entertainment, especially as you prepare to reboot it.

·         Smile for no reason—As you shine your light on others; others will shine on you. Much of what you have perceived as a bad reception is really a poor offering of yourself. (Sorry, I had to be the one to break it to you, but somebody has to.)

·         Share what you see and learn with those who want to see. This is the hardest lesson. Sharing new thoughts with negative folks will often bring you back to where you started. They will rain on your parade and you as well. Start with folks who have tried to share new ideas with you. Your new ideas and thoughts will be received in the spirit with which they were given.

·         Write, talk, journal this journey as a way of reflection.

As you go through this week make your own observations about how a new perspective brings new behavior.

Be you, be well, be awake.

Bertice Berry, PhD.



  1. Was happy to hear your whistle this morning. Yay!!! She's Baaaaack!!! =)

  2. I love the challenge to see old things new...You've inspired me to pick up my commitment to photograph something beautiful every day for a your writing, I want the effort and the new perspective to inspire me...I'll be reading...

  3. Bertice,
    I met you at Red Mountain a couple of years ago, and you inspired me then. I relocated and started my own business. My biz has not been a financial success (I will call it a personal success from all that I have learned). I will take your "Art of Living" as I go through the next the stage of my life. I am happy and healthy and enjoying being near my family. The next steps will emerge, I am confident.