Friday, January 25, 2013

Taking in The Joy---You Need To Be Thankful

So much to be Grateful for---starting with getting up

You NEED to say Thank-You

I have written about gratitude many times before and I will write about it again and again.
Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. I think the only one greater is Love.
Gratitude balances the ego. When you feel that you have received something that you don’t deserve, this is ego. When you feel you should have received more or better; this is also ego.
I love the story of the ten lepers who are healed by Jesus. Only one comes back to say thank-you. Jesus looks down the road and says, “Weren’t there nine more?”
Jesus did not need to hear the thank-you; the lepers needed to say thank-you, because the one who came back was made whole. All ten were healed, but only the one who showed gratitude was made whole and complete.
Gratitude completes the transaction. It makes us whole. Gratitude is the faith that says I’m good and I believe that I always will be.
Our lack of gratitude for the everyday things makes it hard for life to show us the amazing things.
If you are having a hard time taking in the joy, try gratitude.
Look up at the sky and just say thank-you. Talk to a plant or tree and say “Thank-you.”
Smile at a child and be grateful for the cycle of life. Look at the stars and humble yourself in gratitude for things you don’t even comprehend.
The beginning of joy is to be the joy.

Be joyous, be grateful, be whole.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. It's something how I have been pondering on gratitude all week. I thank the Lord each day my feet hit kid ground and I have also shared with others the gratitude I have towards them. It is simply amazing how God speaks through others to give confirmation we are on the right track. I was thinking of your talk show. I Googled to locate a copy of the show my brother Ramann was on entitled " Newlywed's on the Verge of Divorce". However, I was unable to obtain a copy. He had a good time on your show. He just danced! Unfortunately, shortly afterwards he did indeed divorce. We live and learn. Your show was a huge inspiration and offered great topics! I am so happy to see you are still empowering the people. Sincerely, Tia Jones
    (Louisville, KY)

  2. Years ago I read "Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach [1995]. It was within the context essays for 365 days that the author suggested that one should keep a Gratitude Journal in which you list 5 things for which you are grateful each day. I continue to do this most evenings, and it makes for a wonderful reflection. I make my "Thank-you's" to Him. It's powerful stuff. What's most surprising to me now....I have just started my 13th volume! I find it a nice parallel to what I gain from your Art of Transformation and Living, Bertice.