Monday, January 21, 2013

Taking In Joy---Art of Living Week 3

Taking in Joy

Last week, I wrote about seeing the good, this week I’d like you to begin the practice of taking it in.
You’d be surprised, or maybe not to find that we internalize the negative much more readily than we do the positive.
We tend to gravitate to the news about a fallen star, a lost child, or a politician gone rouge. Rarely do we get excited when we hear about a child who is at home with their family, or a celebrity working to end poverty.
Even when the good news hits home, we are afraid to get “too” happy fearing that we might lose our moment of joy.
Because we have learned to be afraid of being too happy we must unlearn the behavior and replace it with one that is more beneficial and helpful to our well-being.
Every day we have the opportunity to see the joy that life offers us. We are too busy, too tired, or too caught up in our fears to see what is really real.
Yesterday, when I went out to get the newspaper, I noticed something I had not seen before. Tiny purple flowers were growing across my lawn. I smiled as I remembered the line from the book The Color Purple. “If you see the color purple in nature and don’t feel something, God gets pissed,” the writer Alice Walker wrote.
I stopped, noticed and then decided to go even further. I went out across our lawn and picked the flowers. They were beautiful. I wondered why I had never seen them before and realized that they were most likely seasonal but I had not bothered to notice.
I brought in a handful of the flowers and then wrapped them in a ribbon. When I took the newspaper to my sister Christine, I handed her the flowers and was rewarded with the biggest smile.
This week, I’d like you to notice the things you have not seen before and then I want you to go a step further; bring the joy of the newness inside you. It may be collecting flowers or collecting smiles. 

·         Make a mental or written note of the good stories you hear.

·         Look at your own life and think of the good you have done for others.

·         Think of the good you have done for yourself

·         Take notice of the beauty in nature and look more closely.

·         Pay attention to the joy that is around you and take it in.

This week and everyone that follows, pay more attention to the good, the joy, the love, the light than you do to things that are not.

As you begin to see and appreciate the joy that is around you, you will create more in the Universe.

Be you, be well, be joy
Bertice Berry, PhD.


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