Friday, December 2, 2011

Without a vision...

Before you can even begin to transform  from the inside out, you must establish two things; where you are and where you'd like to be. As you evolve as a person, your end goal will change as well, but you must have a vision of where you'd like to be. When I started on my year to wellness, I thought my goal was a size or a weight, but as I approached those goals, I realized more and more that my goals were not about size but about energy. True wellness, is the realignment of your spirit, mind and body. You have heard the phrase, "Once you put your mind to it..." This refers to the fact that the mind is crucial in the process of change, however, it must be noted that the mind is also what got you in trouble in the first place. We don't truly think of ourselevs as we should. We are not balanced when we think too highly or too lowly of ourselves. More often than not, it is too lowly that rules the day. One of the first steps in the process of realignment of the spirit, mind and body is forgiveness and gratitude. ( I will discuss the process in the next installment, but for now, it is crucial that you assess where you are and where you think you'd like to be.
* Get a physical with your physician and or naturopath to determine how you are physically.
* Make a list of the conditions, feelings, emotions, the state of being and habits that you want to change.
*Without using the past as a measure, make a list of the changes you'd like to see by the end of the year. In other words, try to avoid statements like, I'd like to be the size I was in college, or I want the kind of relationship I used to have. Set goals for today. Today, I want to be healthy and well. I'd like my body to be fit and healthy. I want my blood pressure to go down and my heart to be healthy. I'd like to move more freely and be without pain.
 *Be as specific and as creative as possible. Dream big and set wonderfully high ideas. ("God will go exceedinly abundantly above and beyond what we can think and ask.") You must think and you must ask.
*Throughout your process go back to this list making changes and additions.

The process of change and transformation requires a great deal of attention. It will require that you set aside the time to focus on you. When you are honest with yourself, you may see that you have given more attention to everyone and everything else. You are charged to care for your temple; your mind, body and spirit. Now, take a moment to visualize yourself at the end of this year. Breathe deeply and allow the image to evolve even further. The only person you can change is you, so avoid thinking of how someone else will be better and think of yourself getting better. Breathe deeply and allow the image of your evolved self to become a part of you now. Imagine new activities and new ways of being. See yourself better, whole complete.
Breathe deeply and allow yourself to relax.
Be more you, more often.
Bertice Berry PhD Without a Vision

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  1. Amen amen I just read your book a year to Wellness and I feel I need to read your blog from the very start to see how it all began to continue to encourage me on this Journey to Wellness!!! Its been a blessing in my life.