Thursday, December 8, 2011

Avoid The Rush--Set Your Resolutions Now

Playing Dress up in June

Hiking in December

Don’t allow others to set your goals, timing or desires. When you fail to set your own agenda, someone else will set it for you. Take a new course and allow your hopes and dreams to guide you.

When I was well into my Year of Wellness (pun intended,) I made an interesting observation; my wellness calendar was being set and manipulated by others. During the holiday season, baked goods, candies, hams and desserts were everywhere. But as soon as January came around out went the food and up to the front of every store gas station and convenience mart came all of the weight loss gadgets and gizmos. Diet plans were placed at eye level and old exercise stock from the back of my favorite resale boutiques and discount stores was thrust at the front by the door. “Get into your bikini by summer,” was the message and it was everywhere. I didn’t want to wear a bikini nor did I want a pair of leg warmers, but there they were right up front with the beginning of my New Year. I barely had time to put away the Christmas decorations (which says a lot since I don’t put them up,) before I was being told to get ready for summer.

Then in February as quickly as they came out, the diet pills and plans went out of sight making room for all of the Valentine candy and stuffed animals. (Which, apparently every grown woman wants.) By February’s end the Slim Fast comes back to the front of the stores but by March, we can whoop it up for St. Patrick’s Day. Before you can say “Erin Go Braugh,” its time for the Easter Bunny and her Peeps, but don’t worry you can still get in that bikini.

In the words of Malcom X, we have been “Bamboozled, led astray, run amok.”  We follow the lead of talk-show doctors and late night infomercials who not only tell us to get it together, but when we should do it.

You have your own body clock and time table. Your seasons should be determined by your life’s purpose and agenda, not by that of hucksters of Wall Street or the 56 billion dollar a year weight loss industry. Because my schedule slows down in the beginning of December (by design) I have more time to focus on myself and my wellness. I use this as a time for check-ups and exams and cleansing and prayer retreats for focusing internally and revisiting my dreams and aspirations. During this season, I also dedicate time to meditate and attend to the needs of others

Look internally and determine your own dreams and follow your own timetable.

·         Set goals and resolute from the inside out. (“I will be more present and in the moment, looking back to see how far I’ve come and peeking into the future to determine how I want it to be.)

·         Get rid of old things that take up space and clutter your thoughts. (Old clothes from the 70s may come back in style and you may get to the old size, but someone else can use them today.)

·         Establish new time tables based on your needs and not the needs of others.

·         Avoid and cut down on behaviors, activities and offers that come just because, “Tis the season.” (Christmas cookies will be sugar cookies in July.)

·         Celebrate your success with new behavior, healthy rewards and relationships.

 Remember, time is always going by, but when you let others fill your time for you, your own life will pass by quicker.
                                "When you walk with Purpose, you collide with destiny."

                                                                      Bertice Berry PhD
                                                             Be well from the inside out

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  1. Love it! I first heard you speak at our Arbonne conference in Las Vegas last year. I always think you of you saying "Crack's not for everyone!" Love your sense of humor and determination. xoxo