Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Living in The Now and The Not Yet

Living In the Now And The Not Yet

This past Sunday, I heard a sermon that changed me forever. Rev. Helen White was talking about being able to withstand the day in the face of chaos and confusion.

“See yourself in the now and the not yet,” she exclaimed.

Rev. Helen shared a meditation whereby you imagine yourself in the midst of any place under attack. She instructed us to imagine the madness around us while imagining ourselves standing tall against the attacker.

As she spoke, tears began to stream down my cheeks and I could not stop them.

I was somewhere in my own mind wondering how to face the things that had me down.

“See yourself in the now and the not yet.” I heard Helen say. I imagined the chaos and to my joy, I simultaneously saw that because all things works together, the world was a much better place and I had somehow imagined it so.

I’ve always had a hard time with being fully present. I want to be here and in the future at the same time, and Helen had given me the opportunity to do just that.

Right now, as I write this, I am present. I am at my keyboard smelling the wonderful dish of curried vegetables that was made by my friend Sasha, being reheated by my daughter Fatima. I can hear the sound of the oven door being opened and feel the condensation on the cool bottle of water next to me. I am fully present and yet, I’ve floated forward and I am seeing all of the possibilities I can imagine.

I see my granddaughter interrupting me with marvelous questions (she’s three months old.)

I see email from folks who say that I’ve inspired them thanking me for helping them to see.

I see myself as whole and healthy and I know then as I do now that I am loved, adored and well thought of.

As I look at my own present day refection smiling back at me, I see the now and the not yet.

Be you, be present, be future.
Bertice Berry, PhD

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