Monday, December 21, 2015

Share the Gift of You

She's already sharing her story
Share the Gift of You

A few days ago, I sat with a friend in the hospital. She was recovering from a surgery but was still her normal bubbly, brilliant self.

I’ve known her for many years and have heard many stories of her life and journey, but on that day in the hospital, she gave me the gift of herself. I felt that she had opened her heart and poured it out to me. I heard stories of her youth, of pain and hardship. There were stories of triumph and adventure, stories of joy and of sorrow.

My daughter sat attentively listening with great interest and I was amazed by my own need to truly hear.

My friend is not near her end, far from it, but she (and her meds) had allowed herself to share the gift of her own life.

This past weekend, I’ve heard other life stories and was inspired, moved and thrilled with how they all connected and intersected with the twists and turns of my own life.

Then I remembered something I heard a few weeks before at a business meeting; we have many pathways but are on the same journey.

During this week of run, grab wrap and give, take the time to share the gift of you.
Listen to a story.

Share your own.

Visit with someone who can’t get up and out.

Find points of intersection between your life and that of someone else’s and you will find your own way.
Be you, be well be the journey.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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