Monday, May 19, 2014

Lift Your Heart and Smile

Raise Your Energy

Maybe you don’t know it; maybe you’re not aware, but there is a lot of crazy going on right now in the lives of so many folks around the world.

Some believe that there is nothing they can do, but I know otherwise.

Those of you who can feel, and see and know must raise your energy/spirit.

We must laugh more, love deeper, smile more often and share a kind word.

Invite someone over to dinner, tweet a message of hope. Use your social media for the power that it was meant to give you.

Pass on the goodness you need to see to someone who needs it even more.

Yesterday, I heard two women laughing. They asked me to forgive their outburst and I told them no. I would not forgive it because I needed it. So I joined in to their joy and I laughed with them.

The world needs you right now to be as positive, as loving as caring, as kind and as gentle as you can possibly be.

It needs you to laugh at nothing, to smile at every child, to open a door for a stranger, to help someone with a heavy load (figuratively and literally.)

You are the critical mass we need.

Be you, be strong, be uplifted.

Bertice Berry, PhD.


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