Monday, May 26, 2014

Karma and The Ripple Effect

Karma and the Ripple Effect 

After a long and beautiful week with over 6,000 critical care nurses at the National Teaching Institute for the American Association of Critical Care nurses, I was in a state of exhausted exhilaration. I was tired because of all of the amazing energy that I received and shared, and I was exhilarated for the same reason.

Critical Care nurses are a wonderful blend of intelligence and compassion. They are astute at both the soft and hard sciences of life. I am always amazed by their work and I am in awe of their presence.

I left the conference to do something my daughter wanted to do. A Momocon, or anime costume conference was happening in Atlanta, Georgia. I was not thrilled about going, because I had never been to one and according to my daughter, the detective Columbo would not have made a good costume.

Over 10,000 young folks and some who were not, descended on the city in full life-like versions of the anime characters they loved. This was a far cry from the conference of critical care nurses, but the young folks who dressed as demons, angels, and Japanese cartoon characters I had never heard of were polite and respectful. They were happy to be with others who enjoyed what they enjoyed and calmly stood in long hot lines just to do so.

On the flight home, I started reading a book entitled Karma. It turns out that Karma is not what we think it is and there are actually 12 laws, not just one.

It comes down to this, we are all sending out a vibrational energy in the Universe. What we do, say and how we act has an energy and impact that ripples outward to the world and the world to come.

It comes back because that’s what ripple effects do.

We don’t just leave a legacy when we die, we are doing it every day; with every word, act and deed.

The nurses and the kids in costume were sending out a message to the Universe. We are all saying look at me, I am here and this is what I have for you.

Whether it is compassionate care and intelligence or polite creativity, we all feel the effects of what we all do.

This was heady stuff for someone who was tired and happy at the same time. Still, I realized that I need to be more mindful of the things I do and say, because what I do and say are coming back, but more importantly, they are going out.

Be you, be real, be the ripple.

Bertice Berry, PhD


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  1. I Love you Bertice, coming from one of those Critical Care Nurses you came to visit. You will have forever changed my life, and I am so thankful for your love and compassion, and laughter. You really made the conference a joy. Thank you...Lisa