Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Most Deadly Disease and How You Can Help Cure It

The Most Deadly Disease

I’ve been holding back from sharing this, but now I think I’m ready. I hope you are, because the only way to beat this thing is with your help.

The word’s worst disease is right up there with hatred, cancer and HIV/AIDS. In starts in your head and then gets in the bloodstream and affects your heart.

A person can be brain dead and still live, but what kills the heart kills the body as well.

I’ll get to it, so you can get to work---on yourself. The thing that’s killing us more rapidly than anything else is a disease known as jealousy.

Our envy and jealousy make us spend more, bully, hate, envy our neighbor, shut down creativity and congress.

Jealousy keeps us from seeing our own unique abilities and strengths. What I find most amazing is the trend to be jealous of our own former self.

We envy the person we were when we were younger, thinner or stronger. We envy our old self; the one we despised so much that we created the one we are now.

Our jealousy of self becomes jealously of family and friends, neighbors and colleagues and eventually we become jealous of that “other”---anyone we think is separate from our self.

Jealousy is as old as Cain and Able and unless we take a good look at our own stuff, it will be around until, as my mom would say, “Kingdom come.”

Today and every one that follows, take a good look at your own thoughts. Jealousy is never obvious to the diseased. It creeps up on you in the form of “you make me sick.”

In fact, we are making our own selves sick when we envy the achievements, station, intelligence, looks or toys of another.

I have good news; gratitude is the cure. Be grateful for who you are and what you have right now. Be grateful for your children and don’t compare them to someone else’s. Give thanks for your loved ones and appreciate them for who they are and why you chose them.

Love and give thanks for your family, friends, job and the co-workers who come with it. Give thanks for your neighborhood, school and country.

Remember, gratitude has nothing to do with pride. Gratitude is the simple and peaceful appreciation that “this is enough.” Deal with tomorrow when it comes and be grateful for who you are today.

Jealousy is taking out good people, but it does so slowly; so slow that we don’t even know what’s killing us.

Help us end world jealousy by being more grateful, authentic, unique and appreciative today.

Be you, be well, be whole.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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