Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 25; The Day The Well Went Dry

 The Day The Well Went Dry

I’ve heard it and said it and now I know that it’s true; you never really miss the water until the well runs dry.

I’m going to tell you this as quickly and as completely as I can because I’m still reeling from pain and embarrassment.

Last week, I was feeling rather beautiful. I can say for the first time in my life I had come to terms with the way I look and feel. Don’t get me wrong, I have known and taught that we are beautiful as we are and should accept ourselves completely before working on being better.
“You can’t get the body you want if you don’t love the body you have,” I’ve often said and at 52, I have learned to love the me that looks back in a mirror.                          
Then last week, something wonderful and awful happened. My wisdom tooth had finally come in and it had to be removed right away. I thought I was prepared for the surgery and to some degree I was.

I had love and support around me. Jeanine drove me and Fatima fed me. My friend Vincent came to town and did chores while others called and checked in or brought soft foods.

But nothing prepared me for the face that stared back at me in the mirror. I knew I would heal, but with the assistance of pain medication, (I tried to go cold turkey, really bad idea) I deliriously began to think that my swollen face would be my new look and suddenly, I truly valued the looks I’d had the day before.

So here’s my point, don’t wait until your older, swollen or even tired, to look at yourself  with total admiration, love and respect.

Love your water and your well.

Be you, be well, be appreciative.

Bertice Berry, PhD.
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