Monday, May 16, 2016

The Power of One

Okay boy and girls, I’m going out on a limb into the deep where no one has gone before, into uncharted territories of wilderness in that place you call, You.

Now that the sane folks have left and I’ve gotten your attention, let’s get down to the real.

We are living in a world of false division.

Every day, all day long you are being given the “opportunity” to choose or pick a side. At first glance, there are two sides but once you’ve chosen that side, there are two more and then more and on and on and on.

You chose to be a Christian, then you have to choose a denomination. Once you chose the denomination or non-denominational version of that, you chose the church. Once you chose the church, you choose the club—sorry, auxiliary board, choir, or service that you’ll be a part of. When you chose that, you chose the side of which dual you will exist on.

With your career, you’ve chosen a path. Maybe it chose you, but somehow you decide to work at the place you call, your job. Once there, you’ve chosen a department which also finds itself divided. That division comes with its own cliques and in-groups. You chose one based on who you’ve come to be and then you remember your life at home. You find that there is another group and so you strive to find work-life balance.

We are fragmented beyond belief.

 Even our own physical body is divided into parts with those we like and those we don’t; the part that’s in pain and the part you like to show.

Where one part ends, another division begins.

The Power of One is about wholeness. It’s about beginning to see and feel the connectedness of who you are and the impact you can have.

Think about the division you’ve created within yourself, your family, your community, your world.
Are you on the side of blacks or whites, democrats or republicans, the believer or those other folks?

Take a moment to feel the impact of this separation.

Now see where life connects.

Stay tuned for more.

Be you, be well, be ONE

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