Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Seeing Yourself as Light

That' me, the ray on the right.

If you want to be better, you must see yourself better.

This is truly difficult, not because we don’t have the ability to see into the future, but because we love to cling to the past.

For some reason, we have come to believe that learning from your mistakes means that you have to hold onto the pain of those mistakes.

I don’t know about you, but when my injuries heal, I no longer feel them. 
They may leave a scar, but unless I’m thinking about the injury, I don’t pay it no never mind. (Translation: sometimes you can have one thought and then you say, “never mind.” No never mind then, is to not bother with the thought in the first place.)

Imagine that there are two roads. One road leads to everything you’ve ever thought you wanted. On this road lies all of your hopes and dreams.

The other road, leads to nothing you’ve ever wanted.

The road you travel on is up to you.

I can’t believe that I am about to admit this, but experience shows me that most people will take the second road. These folks have become so familiar with pain, suffering and disappointment that they have decided to take what they think they already know.

The thought process goes something like this: “Why bother with what you might be able to have when you already know what you can’t.”

It’s not that folks fear the new; it’s that they are familiar with the old.

Some folks take it a step further. They set up camp and post signs toward the road of suffering. They tell others that this is the way to life and that the devil or enemy controls the road to life. They build monuments, write songs and start religions based on the pain they have endured.

This road is a crowded road; it is a road well-traveled.

The other road, leads to life. In the beginning it is a dark road. There are few travelers and not much to light the way.

This is where you come in.

 You are not your race, religion, experience, career, degree, level of education, or income. You are not where you come from or the family you have. You are not your home, car, or the stuff you have collected.


As you journey on the road to life, you illuminate a pathway for others. The road becomes brighter and brighter. Celebrations pop up everywhere and you are the source of that celebration.

All of the things and ways of being that you are not become wonderful because your light shines through them.

Others begin to see the light in their community, church, home, school and highways of doubt. They leave the road of nothingness and find the road to life because you dared to be your authentic light.

Be you, be well, be light.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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