Monday, February 9, 2015

Be True To You

Be True to You

I went out early to get my veggies and fruits for the next few days of juice (I only purchase a few days at a time so everything remains fresh.) Our local Farmer’s Market was closed, so I went to one of our grocery stores; one that’s filled with fresh veggies and the friendly faces of the folks who stock them.

I got what I needed and wanted, which is the combination that makes life grand, and I went to the only register that was open. It was before eight and the store was not yet busy.
I greeted the cashier with the joy I was feeling but I got no reply. So I looked directly at the young male cashier and said "good morning,” but I was just given a cold stare.

I wanted to say something but then I remembered something else; that no matter what anyone else is doing, you must always remain true to yourself.

The clerk finally spoke, but only to ask about the “orange root thing” in my groceries. I told him that it was turmeric and he corrected my pronunciation. He could not find the key code, so I asked the manager who happened to be nearby.

The cashier then had a hard time remembering the number he had just been given, so I repeated it for him and he told me that he already knew.

He was about to put my change on the counter, but I smiled broadly and held both hands open to him. He put the money in my hand and quickly turned to the gentleman behind me.

“Good morning sir,” the cashier said smiling to the man next to me. I was gathering my things and putting my change in the right compartment when suddenly, the cashier turned back to me and said, “Did you need anything else?”

I smiled and said no and he actually asked why I was still there. I laughed out loud and told him to have a wonderful day.

As I went back to my car (without stopping to tell the manager that the young man had a problem; she would find out soon enough,) I began to sing a song that I had written for times like that one. It’s about not worrying about anyone else’s stuff.

You see, I don’t know what that young man was dealing with, but his attitude and behavior towards me had nothing to do with me. I know that I had not done nor said anything to cause him to behave the way he had, so his action towards me was not about me.

I have given myself permission to remain true to my own joy, no matter what comes my way.

When I do, I see my ancestors, who in the face of so much more, remained dignified and hopeful that my today would be a reality.

Be true to you.

See joy in the everyday chores.

Actually count your blessings and sing about them.

Show kindness to everyone even when it’s not returned.

Celebrate more, complain less.

Be thankful for those who are kind.


Be you, be true, be happy.

Bertice Berry, PhD

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