Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's Not Too Late

The Gateway to Success
My child, these are not the things that you were made for

This is not the road, this is not the door

My child, you were never meant to face calamity

My desire for you, is that you would be free

It’s not too late to do the things you are to do

It’s not too late to find, the door that leads to life

It’s not too late to turn from your calamity

It’s not too late oh no my child.


I wrote the words to this song about 15 years ago. I had just exited the building of a juvenile prison. It was New Year’s Eve and I had been a volunteer for both a young adult facility and a maximum adult prison.

I was there to lend support for an education program that some had declared a waste of time.

The song came to me clearly and fully in words and tune. I remember the tears streaming down my face as I sang words which sometimes come back to me as my own reminder.

Too often, we are too quick to write off troubled young folks as “broken,” “useless,” or “finished.”

It’s never too late for a child or an adult to turn their lives around.

A few months ago, I worked with an amazing group of people who do amazing work.

The folks at Gateway to College identify and assist young people who may have dropped out, been put out, or are in danger of doing so.

 They not only help these students complete a high school education, but they also a help them get to and through college. Their method of success is remarkable.

We know that education is critical and yet, too often we are willing to give up on our young folks when they have made the wrong choices or have been influenced by others who made them for them.

Education saved my life. It was the key that unlocked the door to a pathway that has helped illuminate a pathway for others.

I was moved by the work of the folks at Gateway because I knew that for every path they illuminated, many, many doors are opened for many, many others.

True brilliance does not come from an easy life; it comes from an educated struggle.

It’s never too late to do the things we are to do

It’s not too late to find the door that leads to life

It’s not too late to turn from your calamity

It’s not too late, oh no my child.

Be you, be well, be reminded.

Bertice Berry, PhD.



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