Sunday, April 13, 2014

Are You Really Living?

Are You Really Living

Research shows that everyone that has lived will eventually die. It’s a fact, as the sun rises, so does it set.

The real question is this; are you truly living?

Life requires that we recognize a few things; our own existence, the presence of others, the beauty of the world around us and that thing/force that connects us all.

It’s time that you stop going through the motions of life; car on, drive to work, move some stuff around until something happens, drive home, car off, act like a family, sleep and then do it all again.

Life is so much more than paying bills, hating work and tolerating the family we created. Life requires that we see beyond the mundane and into the glorious.

Today and every day that follows stop going through the motions and live.

When you drive, don’t talk on the phone and for life’s sake, don’t text. Even when your hands are free, your mind is not. See where you are going and what you have been passing up.

Speak to someone you encounter regularly but barely know. Ask a question and learn something about them.

Share your knowledge with someone who needs it.

Smile at every child you see.

Talk to an elder.

Listen to a child.

Watch the birds and imagine what they may be saying.

Stare at the clouds.

Recycle something.

Give away something you don’t need.

Help someone in need.

Allow someone to give something to you.

Call an old friend and make a new one.

Actually speak with a neighbor.

Spend real loving time with your family.

Read a book.

Sing a song.

Talk to God and never stop loving.

Make a better list than this and do it.

Your life is real and it is now. The past is a lesson, the future is where you can apply it. Don’t wallow in regrets for time gone by. Use the time you have now to live more fully.

Be you, be well, be full.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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