Monday, March 31, 2014

The Art of Living; Stop Looking For Love


Be The Love

I’m single and so are many of my friends. Sometimes we talk about the love we want to have. We often speak of soul mates; a true love; the ONE.

I’m 53 and if I'm to be blatantly honest, then I must to tell you that I have met the ONE--- many times.

Our yearning, and refining our list of must haves, needs to be turned back around and demanded upon ourselves.

Today, I’m asking you to STOP looking for the one. Instead, let's start being the love we are looking for.

Extend kindness to a stranger.

Care for an animal.

Spend time with someone who is lonely.

Gather with wonderful friends.
Before making another perfect child, love the ones you have now.

Travel and see the world (when family comes along, you’ll wish you’d already done it.) Click here and Join me and my friends on a travel and learn tour

Know what you value and find friends who value those things also.

Learn and experience new things.

Talk to God and never stop loving.                                                              

Love is everywhere you are; stop looking and BE the love you want to be.


Be you, be well, Be LOVE
Bertice Berry, PhD.


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