Monday, March 24, 2014

The Art of Living: Do You Shine?

Okay, that's a bright flash
Do You Shine?

Okay boys and girls, it’s time to get deep. I want you to think about something that’s visible and yet intangible. I’m talking about your shine, or glow as it’s often called.

 We all know those folks who just shine. They don’t even have to speak, but when they enter a room, you can feel their presence.

Shine has nothing to do with wealth or level of education. It goes beyond race or ethnicity. Shine is not diminished by age or weight; it simply is.

Today I want to ask you this; do you shine?

Do you light up a room with your smile and warmth? Does your presence cause children to laugh and sing? Do dogs and cats seem to want to be near you---okay I don’t know about that one but you get my drift.

Everyone should shine. We all have a light; a spark of the Divine within us. We are a part of the cosmos and the cosmos is a part of us.

You can’t compete for it; it is not won as a prize. Desmond Tutu has it and so did Mother Teresa. Before they are told what they can and cannot be, all children absolutely shine.

When you help someone in need and when you know you are enough, you shine.

Shine comes from being the recipient of grace/charisma and it comes from love.

Shine appears after the appreciation of a hard day’s work and it comes from a night of reflection.

There are more ways to shine; go find them and when you do, shine that light brightly that others will find their way---to shine.

Be you, be well, be shine.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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