Monday, September 17, 2018

BE More

I’d like to think that I live fully, love deeply, think far and spend time being and becoming more and more creative every day. Still, I know that I can be more.

Please understand me, doing more, is not the point here; I believe that we can all BE more.
I’m going to keep this short, because I have some living to do, but I’d like you to start with the following.

Today and beyond, ask yourself, “Why, me, here, now?

What can this day bring and behold? How can you see and hear differently? 
The question of why, me, here, now is an invitation for life to reveal its purpose for you, to you. 

Who are you meant to learn from, to help, to serve? How can you change someone’s life, and who and how will they change yours?

When I ask this question and open my heart to the possibilities, life enables me to BE more.

Yup, that’s it, now get ta living.
Be you, be well, be more.

Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. Love this! Thank you for not advising to 'Be Best'! ;)

  2. I love this. I'm going to quote you with this one, for sure.