Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Reboot Now

I think my computer is trying to tell me something. This morning while I was struggling to write a long overdue piece, my computer asked if I wanted to reboot now. “Yes, please.” I told it out loud.

It turned itself off and I decided to go find something else that needed to be done. Before I could warm up my legs to move (yes, I do that now,) my computer screen blinked back to life. It looked totally refreshed.

“I wish it could be that easy for me.” I told the screen.

I didn’t use to talk to things, but I find that my things have great answers, like the other day when my dryer told me to clean my filter before each use---anyway, I wish I could turn myself off for a minute and then come back refreshed and new.

Then I heard her voice, not the one from my computer; the one from the other side. It was the voice of my mother telling me my truth.

“You can, and you should. You've had a job since you were twelve." She reminds me.
"You have always been so busy being busy. When you have to go to work; you work. When you are not at work; you fear not working, so you create work and work at that. Turn all of that off,” she said.

And now you see why I talk to things, because listening to the ancestors is far too accurate for someone who prides herself on being in control.

Just when I gave in to the idea of rebooting, my daughter walked in to tell me about work that needed to be worked, so I looked down at my knees and I told them to come on.

Then, I hear my mother again. This time she’s sitting next to me when she says, “Even iron wears out.”

Be you, be well, be rebooting.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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