Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Leading with Wellness

Leading with Wellness

              Lately, I have been troubled about the state of our nation, but a wise teacher by the name of Michael White, (who also happens to be my rector) reminded me that the state of our nation is in our own hands.
              What if, Michael posed, the wellness of the world is tied to the wellness of the world’s servant leaders? Not the presidents and kings; not queens or Prime Ministers, but every day people taking up the charge of their everyday lives?

              Recently, at my graduate Alma mater, Kent State, I asked a group of student leaders what negative thought, person or aspect of themselves would they be willing to stop chasing.

One young leader immediately raised his hand. Earlier in our workshop, this same young leader had disclosed that he just didn’t have time for some of the things I’d suggested for personal wellness. He said that he had no time to meditate, read or unplug; he was too busy doing the work of a leader.

Tears came to my eyes as I told him that a leader who is not willing to take care of their own self should not attempt to lead others.

I was crying because I was also speaking to my own self.

When his hand flew up in response to the question of what they’d be willing to give up, I prepared myself for more tears, and I got them.

“I will give up the idealized version of myself that makes me think I don’t deserve to be a leader.”

I dropped the mic and simply said, “Me too.”

BE you, be well, be a Leader

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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