Friday, February 3, 2017

The People You Meet

The People We Meet

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bertice. I'm a sociologist, author, lecturer, mother and grandmother. I am a woman of science and faith. I believe that we are all a product of everyone and everything we come in contact with. The more folks we come in contact with, the more we evolve.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’d like to share what I’ll be calling, The People We Meet.

Throughout this journey called life, I have met some rather amazing folks. I may have just seen them once, but their words and ways have touched me deeply and have helped to remind me of who I am and who I want to be.

Yesterday, I met one of them. Her name was Ellen. I’d gone to the local Westin to celebrate my sister/friend Brynn’s birthday.

Ellen was assigned to give me the world’s best manipedi, but I believe that she was really there to be a light on my pathway.

We talked about the waste of water and how as a girl in China, she and her sister had to haul buckets of water uphill. She told me that even now, she can’t stand to see water run without a purpose. I laughed because my children refer to water that’s been running over 3 seconds as “Mom’s precious water.”

She and her family have done very well and I learned that she is also a rather brilliant and self-taught artist.

She made me feel welcomed and beautiful and strong and I felt connected to her.

Here’s the thing, Purpose connects you at the soul level, so much so that you can feel like you’ve known a stranger, your entire life.

Take note of the folks you meet.

What can you learn?
What can you remember?
How do you connect?
Be you, be well, be connected.

Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. Should we "lean in" with every encounter? I feel like some of my connections had a single and simple purpose. However I would exchange information and remain connected with them even when the connection seems less fruitful. This has caused me to be more cautious and fearful when meeting people. I connected with this man at a concert one day but did not get his information. I was compelled to do so but I did not because I did not want to force it and create an awkward moment. I have never asked a man for his number before outside of a professional setting. As I am creating this message, I feel like the answer is not to let my insecurity and/or fear lead but rather be true and sincere and go with the flow. Wow..Is that right? I would loved to hear your response. Thank you for your time, love and consideration.

    1. Thank you for your comments and query. I have actually decided to start a Facebook page, called The People We Meet. I will continue to share stories about the amazing lives I come in contact with, and I invite you to share yours. I understand your concern about safety; if your heart feels safe, maybe you can ask for an email and continue the conversation in writing. I actually asked Ellen for her number as I wanted to see more of her artwork and to share it with others. When I introduce friends to each other, I do it because it will be beneficial to both. I hope this is useful. Thank you.