Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Find True Love

The Happy couple, Lucy LoMedico Jenkins and Billy Jenkins
Bless Your Space with Love

Last week my good friend Lucy called with a simple request; would I officiate at her wedding. I shouted with joy that love was igniting our village of family and friends. Lucy and Billy had found each other over miles and military assignments and then had lost each other in the day-to-day stuff we call life.

They had found one another again and didn’t want to waste a moment dwelling in the blame game of the past.  I knew that Lucy and Billy were going to be getting married in Ireland, a place they had enjoyed visiting, but Lucy’s father would be working and not able to take the trip.

I danced and told Lucy yes, figuring that I had time to get deep and cute, but Lucy said it would be soon, possibly that very week.

“I’m in,” I said, still happy, but somewhat nervous. I’d officiated for the weddings of friends before, but always with a little time to calm my nerves and theirs. We’d meet for lunch and talk about challenges, vows and the mood they wanted to set for both their wedding and lives together.

This time, I’d have to be ready quickly. Lucy and Billy worked long hours and so as soon as they had a license and time off, we’d have a wedding. I asked Lucy where she wanted to get married and she wasn’t sure, so I volunteered my home.

I knew and understood what the old folks had said about how sharing your home for special occasions, like a wedding or baby’s blessing would add joy to your space.

Still, I was caught off guard when Lucy called again and said that the wedding should take place in one day.

The day of the wedding I woke up with a sore throat and headache that would not stop. When I opened my mouth to speak, nothing came out. I’d lost my voice and was shaking with fever. I decided to go back to bed and sleep through the day. The wedding was to be at 8 that evening and I figured that by then, I should have some strength. I didn't want to tell the bride that her years of waiting for the right person would be put on hold yet again.

My trooper of a kid Fatima handled details like cleaning and the small reception she and I decided to surprise the couple with.

By 7, I was shaking but had enough voice to speak words of love and by 8: 15 the couple was married.

The feeling of love that now floats over my home is tangible. My flu symptoms are finally subsiding, but I am more whole than I’ve been in months.

Love conquers ALL. It removes doubts and fear and the pain of loss. Love wipes away the memory of the past and it replaces any concerns for being alone. Love unites it heals it blesses and it makes happy those who surround themselves with it.

Love never fails. Let love bless your space and place of living, working, dancing, praying and healing and you will always be whole.

Be you, be joy, BE LOVE.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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