Saturday, January 21, 2012

In 21 Days...

Day 21 of Your Year to Wellness
Step by step, inch by inch

It takes 21 days to form a habit.  In those 21 days the mind adjusts to the change and accepts it as an aspect of your existence.

When I have done extensive fasts, and trust me, they are extensive, I long for that twenty-first day. After that day, everything else is joy. On this day 21 of The Year to Wellness, I am excited, uplifted and expectant of nothing but infinite good.

In 21 days I have:

·         Connected with old friends and wonderful parts of my past

·         Recognized two readers were perfect for each other and connected them (They are having the time of their lives.)

·         Learned new things about birds and exercise, got a rutabaga recipe, gave away some shoes

·         Gotten up every day to write even when I had to do it at 3 am.

·         Stayed focused on my health goals

·         Learned to love myself even more

·         Have connected with wonderful new friends

·         Renewed my commitment to wellness

·         Inspired others to inspire others

·         Learned to think and type

Make a list of your changes and developments over these past 21 days.

Today is a day of celebration. This wonderful habit is now a part of my life. If you’ve just joined us, take the time to read the previous lessons. Do them one day at a time. Don’t worry about being behind, because we all end up in the same place; a place of Wellness.

Share what you’ve learned with someone else and keep the wellness going.

That’s it for today, go learn, go love, go BE

Bertice Berry, PhD

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  1. Thanks to you...I've developed my habit (you are right....21 days!) of starting my day off by affirming my commitment to wellness. Thanks :)